Exam Civic Integration Course

If you settle in the Netherlands you have the duty to integrate and you probably must do a Civic Integration Course. You will receive a letter of (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) DUO that makes clear when your integration period start. You get 3 years to integrate. This is called the integration period. You must pass the integration exam within this period of time. If you pass this exam you will receive a diploma and you will be civically integrated.

The Civic Integration Exam consists of six components: Knowledge of Dutch Society, Speaking, Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, Writing and Orientation to the Labour Market. You will pass your integration diploma if you have passed all parts.

(Note: The Civic Integration Act obliges most non-Dutch and non-European Union nationals living in the Netherlands to speak Dutch and have some general knowledge of the country. This is referred to as Civic Integration.)

1. Knowledge of Dutch Society

You take the Knowledge of Dutch Society exam on the computer. You watch short videos which shows you typical Dutch situations. For example, about how the Netherlands is governed, the main habits and norms and how people interact.

2. Speaking

The Speaking exam (Speaking Skills) is taken on a computer. You must view videos and answer questions. In the exam is tested if your level of speaking and understanding Dutch is sufficient.

3. Listening

You take the Listening exam (Listening skills) on the computer. You are given questions on video and listen to spoken text. The texts and questions are about work, education or everyday life in the Netherlands. The listening test consists of about 25 questions.

4. Reading

The Reading exam (Reading skills) is taken on the computer. You must read short passages of text and answer questions. The texts and questions are about work, education or everyday life in the Netherlands. The reading test consists of about 25 questions.

5. Writing

The writing exam you do on paper. You get different tasks, such as writing a letter and fill out a form. You also need to finish sentences. The assignments are about jobs, education and daily life in the Netherlands. For example: you write an email to a friend who has his birthday or you fill out a form of an employment agency. You get two or three letters and forms, and four to six sentences you have to finish.

6. Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market

The Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market Exam is about working and looking for work. You must do assignments at home or at school. You mail the results to DUO. You will use cards. These cards are called Results Cards. DUO looks at whether your assignments were done properly.

Signing up for the Civic Integration Course

Fiolet Taaltrainingen will give you advice when you’re ready for the exam. (You need to register yourself at DUO.) The Civic Integration Exam costs € 350,-.