About Fiolet Taaltrainingen

Fiolet Language courses is an independent and highly qualified language institute with locations in Purmerend, Hoorn and Schagen. Fiolet Taaltrainingen is specialized, for many years, in Dutch as a second language (NT2). We focus on everyone who want to learn Dutch or those who want to improve their knowledge of the language. Learning Dutch not only increases opportunities for employment and study, it also helps you to establish connections in society. Fiolet Taaltrainingen works with enthusiastic and experienced teachers who are specialized in educating Dutch as a second language.

Hallmark ‘Blik op werk’

Fiolet Taaltrainingen possess the quality label ‘Blik op Werk’. This means that we are certified by the government as a qualified language institute. If you want to integrate, and you need to borrow money from the government, it’s only possible if you follow your integration course at an institute with this label.

Our strengths?

  • Make a quick start – Sign up and we will immediately invite you for an intake. New groups are started ten times per year, so we guarantee you a quick start in an appropriate group.
  • Small groups – You will be taught in a small group, so you will have the full attention of the teacher.
  • A top study environment – Because of the good atmosphere between students, teachers and other employees and the excellent learning conditions our results are above average.
  • Flexibility – If important for your learning process, we can quickly change your schedule or you can switch to another group in accordance to your personal level.
  • Customer and results oriented – We do everything we can to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

Our clients

Examples of clients:

Government Companies Non-profit
Gemeente Purmerend ING Baanstede
Gemeente Hoorn Hermans International Rentree Werkt
Gemeente Wormerland Snaas Metaalwaren Werken voor Werk
Gemeente Drechterland NMT Shipping UAF
Gemeente Edam-Volendam Snijder BV UWV
Potveer BV RBO Groningen
Silen Gliss Benelux Cordares Diensten
Stichting Woon en Zorg