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Fiolet Language Courses focuses on everyone who wants to learn to speak, read, and write Dutch and on those who want to improve their knowledge of the language.

Everything works better when you speak the same language…

Everyone is welcome at our language course. Whether you do not speak a word of Dutch yet and have to integrate or if you just want to improve your Dutch. We offer group lessons with a maximum of 15 students.

Integrate in the Netherlands

According to Dutch law you have to learn to speak, read, and write Dutch in order to integrate. Immigrants from countries that are part of the European Union are not obliged to integrate. When you are going to integrate in the Netherlands it is also necessary to learn the country’s main habits, norms, and values. You must obtain the integration diploma within three years after receiving the invitation from the ‘Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs’ (DUO) service.

How long does the integration course last?

The duration of the integration course varies per person and is different for everyone. That’s why we first invite you for an interview. Then we can assess how many class hours it will take you to be ready for the integration exam. To give you an estimate; one class of the course lasts 3 hours and most of the students need to take at least 500 hours of classes. By going to school twice a week you will finish the integration course in approximately one year. Please note that this is an average. Your course duration may therefore vary from others.

How much does an integration course cost?

The costs of the integration course depend on the number of hours you follow the course. One hour of class costs €14,- at Fiolet Language Courses. After the first interview you will receive an offer indicating the costs of the integration course. As mentioned above, the course duration varies per student. Assuming you will take 500 hours of classes it will cost 500 x €14,- = €7.000,-. The study books and manuals cost approximately €450,-. The integration exam costs € 350,-.

Who pays for your integration course?

Since the 1st of January 2013, you have to pay the costs of the integration course yourself. If you can’t afford to pay this, it is possible to get a loan via ‘Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs’ (DUO). If you are an asylum migrant (refugee), you can borrow a maximum of € 10,000. If  you are not an asylum migrant (refugee), DUO will look at your income. DUO then decides how much you can borrow. Note that it is only possible to get a loan when you are taking classes at an institution with the “Keurmerk Blik op Werk” label. Fiolet Language Courses has this label! We can help you with applying for a loan and provide more information.

Integrate and study

If you want to take a vocational training or go to university in the Netherlands, you have to have a good command of the Dutch language. It is required to get an NT2 state examination diploma. Employers often require the NT2 diploma if you want to be able to exercise a profession at a certain level. There are exams for Program I (language level B1) or Program II (language level B2). During the first interview, we will advise which program is best for you.

You don’t have to integrate but you want to learn or improve your Dutch

If you don’t have to integrate but want to learn or improve your Dutch, then is Fiolet Language Courses the solution for you. During the first interview, we determine your language level and check which training is best for you. Sometimes we also ask you to do a written test. Once we exactly know what you still need to learn, you will be placed in a group of students with the same language level as you.

Choose your class period yourself

At Fiolet Language Courses the schoolyear is divided into course periods of 6 to 10 weeks. You decide when you want to start with the course period and at the end of each course period, you decide whether you want to continue. You pay per course period.

Determine your own pace

At Fiolet Language Courses you determine your own learning pace. It is possible to take a course once a week, but also several times a week. The maximum number of classes per week is three. Each class lasts three hours and one hour of class costs € 14,-.

Practice makes perfect

In order to learn Dutch quickly, we would like to share this important tip with you: speak as much Dutch as possible. Hanging out with Dutch people on a daily basis makes this easier and please don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Most Dutch people will be happy to correct you.

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