Learn Dutch for work related situations

It is difficult to communicate at work when your Dutch is inadequate and you do not understand your colleagues. Misunderstandings, tensions and irritations arise quickly. And even worse, you can make annoying mistakes.


There are countless examples to give. With insufficient knowledge of the Dutch language and culture there will be a negative effect on the relationship between employees and therefore on production. A few examples:

  • You cannot fulfill work assignments because you do not understand the crucial words or phrases.
  • You are unaware about the rules for formal and informal language which makes that conflicts can arise with your colleagues.
  • You cannot prepare a written report which causes the work transfer will stagnate.

Dutch at work

At Fiolet Taaltrainingen you can take a language course that focuses completely on your work. So you learn the words and phrases that are commonly used and you learn to communicate in proper Dutch with your colleagues. The language training can be organized at your work. Enabling us to assess the situation at your work and give you the best support. Moreover, it saves a lot of travelling. Inform yourself about the possibilities at your employer.

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