Dutch for everyday use

If you settle in the Netherlands, learning Dutch is very important. Simply because daily life requires everyone to know Dutch to find work, talk with neighbours and doctors, and raise children. Life will be much easier if you speak and understand Dutch!

A language is intended for communication. It is a practical tool that allows you to make clear to others what you mean. That’s why you get no endless exercises in grammar. And we don’t ask you to learn long lists of words by rote. At Fiolet Taaltrainingen you will learn to speak and write for everyday use. That makes learning the language is not only fun, you also will notice that your Dutch is progressing rapidly.

Intake interview for free

The first step is to determine which training suits you best. During the interview we will evaluate your language level. If we have doubts we’ll let you do a written test. The results of the interview and the test will be discussed with you. When we know exactly what you need to learn, we make you an offer for your personal language course. You will be placed in a group with students who have approximately the same level. The interview is for free and without obligation.

Personal attention

Each participant is different and therefore deserves an individual approach. Maybe you have trouble with your pronunciation or you feel insecure about your writing skills. At Fiolet Taaltrainingen you will be guaranteed to receive enough personal attention and will have sufficient time to ask all your questions.


Many people who come to live in the Netherlands are teached Dutch by friends or family. That’s nice, but they also take over the linguistic mistakes. They learn, for example, to put the words in the wrong order. Because the sentence is not correct, others cannot understand them. If you know many words, it does not mean you do speak the language in the right way. Therefore Fiolet Taaltrainingen developed the 1-2-3 method. Thus you will learn in a short time to make proper Dutch phrases. The special feature of the 1-2-3 method is that you do not have to learn complex grammar. After just a few lessons you can make sentences in faultless Dutch.

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