Costs Dutch lessons?

The total cost of your Dutch language training depends on the number of lessons you will attend in total. We have divided the year into training periods of seven to nine weeks. Per training period, you can decide how often you want to take Dutch lessons. The costs are € 14,00 for one hour Dutch lesson.

Sample calculation Dutch lesson

Imagine you enroll for a lesson period which lasts 9 weeks. In this training period you want to visit our institute twice a week. Each lesson lasts three hours. That means you buy 9 x 2 x 3 = 54 hours. The cost for the training period amount 54 x 14,00 = € 756,-. If you choose for 1 lesson a week, you’ll pay only € 378,- If you go for 3 lessons a week, the price will be € 1134,-. During the school holidays there are no lessons. The cost for these days are subtracted from the total.

Study materials

In addition to the cost of your lessons you have to consider the costs for materials. The amount of these costs will depend on your starting level and the duration of your training. Please ask us in advance a quotation for the lessons and study materials.

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